2005 Press Releases


Sherlock Holmes honorary fellowship

16 October 2002

The Royal Society of Chemistry is to bestow an Extraordinary Honorary Fellowship upon Sherlock Holmes, the first detective to exploit chemical science as a means of detection.

red wine

Royal Society of Chemistry's hangover avoidance and alleviation advice

21 December 2005

A 'morning-after' breakfast of toast with honey or golden syrup is the little-known but ideal way to combat a hangover.

Nuclear power station

Experts to debate risks of Britain's nuclear future: 13 December 2005

09 December 2005

This seminar will look at some of the issues associated with new nuclear build in the UK, including nuclear waste and the health effects of radiation on local populations.

RSC President Dr Simon Campbell is pictured presenting a Historic Chemical Landmark plaque at the University of Cambridge Department of Chemistry

Plaque in Cambridge to honour the man who made DNA decoding possible

09 December 2005

The RSC commemorates the achievements of the great Scottish chemist Lord Todd, whose work made the DNA breakthrough of Francis Crick and James Watson possible

RSC welcomes Government change of mind on Terrorism Bill clause

05 December 2005

The Royal Society of Chemistry today welcomed the Government's decision to table an amendment to Clause 6 of the Terrorism Bill

Terrorism Bill and chemistry at universities

21 November 2005

Terrorism Bill's 'campus' clause threatens academics and future knowledge, says Royal Society of Chemistry

Awards Ceremony NEC

Innovative Awards Ceremony

21 November 2005

The two-day assembly event and the awards dinner took the Royal Society of Chemistry to an innovative and more sophisticated level of self-presentation.

RSC calls for urgent energy action to follow words

09 November 2005

On the eve of a critical examination of future British energy scenarios, the RSC is calling for urgent action to achieve a low-carbon sustainable energy strategy.

Chemistry Week logo

Nationwide event to show people why chemistry is vital in their lives

01 November 2005

The nationwide Chemistry Week 2005, which will underscore dramatically the critical importance of chemical sciences to the health and wealth of the country

Bill Bryson

Westminster setting for Bill Bryson award

31 October 2005

Bill Bryson, author of the publishing phenomenon A Short History of Nearly Everything, is honoured by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Tribute to the courage of Trafalgar women

Tribute to the courage of Trafalgar women

17 October 2005

The RSC commemorates the unsung heroism of three women - probably prostitutes - who worked amid the carnage of The Battle of Trafalgar nursing casualties.

Evidence for global warming under scrutiny at London event

14 October 2005

A Royal Society of Chemistry seminar being staged in central London will probe the issue global warming at a time when interest in the concept is acuter than ever.

Detail from Scottish 20 note

Mystery of woman on Scottish 20 note solved

14 October 2005

Thanks to journalists pursuing a story the RSC has discovered the identity of a woman chemical scientist whose image is featured on the Scottish 20 banknote.

Search for the mystery woman on the 20 Scotland banknote

07 October 2005

The Royal Society of Chemistry has started a hunt for a mystery scientist featured on a Scottish banknote.

Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2005

05 October 2005

The Royal Society of Chemistry warmly welcomes the conferment today of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2005 on Richard Schrock, Yves Chauvin and Robert Grubbs jointly.

The President's award presented to Dr Les Kershaw by Dr Simon Campbell

Honour for scientist who became Manchester United's Chief Scout

15 September 2005

The RSC honours a chemical scientist who made his mark in academia before transferring to the world of football.

china flag

Cambridge science park reception underlines chemistry links with China

05 September 2005

The RSC forged another link with China at an event staged on 7 September at the organisation's Cambridge Science Park offices.

New chemistry degree - thumbnail

Leap in university chemistry figures this year

02 September 2005

The RSC welcomed reports of a sharp rise in numbers of students accepting places to study the subject at degree level in 2005.


Einstein was as much chemist as physicist

30 August 2005

Albert Einstein, whose greatest achievement is being commemorated internationally all this year, was a chemist at heart.

Young Ambassador

UK Chemical Industry Young Ambassador Winner 2005

08 July 2005

In a competition part sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry a 24-year-old North-Eastern woman has won a prestigious chemistry-related title

RSC goes east

China links are the route for the future, says RSC

06 July 2005

The phenomenal expansion of Chinese and Indian chemical sciences offers a great 21st century opportunity to the British chemistry community

RSC welcomes HEFCE report with reservations

28 June 2005

The RSC is pleased that the funding council report spotlights the reality that Science at universities is vulnerable and strategically important.

EuCheMS logo

EuCheMS calls for planned research cutbacks to be reversed

24 June 2005

EuCheMS, the federation of European chemical societies, today called for the planned cuts in the Framework 7 research budget to be reversed

Tony Blair at the RSC

Prime Minister spotlights critical role of science in solving global problems

22 June 2005

Prime Minister Tony Blair yesterday turned a spotlight on the vital role of science today and in the future when he spoke at a Royal Society of Chemistry conference in Westminster

Lord Sainsbury, Minister for Science and Innovation

The science behind the G8 summit

15 June 2005

The RSC is orchestrating the only event at which Parliament, Government and the UK scientific community will discuss the science behind the upcoming G8 Summit.

Bill Bryson and Simon Campbell

Andrew Adonis unveils Bill Bryson-RSC scheme to inspire schools science

07 June 2005

New schools minister Andrew Adonis has today launched a scheme to provide every secondary school in Britain with a free copy of Bill Bryson's book

Molecular BioSystems Issue 1 cover

Issue 1 of the new journal 'Molecular BioSystems' launched

26 May 2005

New Journal 'Molecular BioSystems' Launched

Young talents proves they have the right formula to represent the Industry

Young talent proves they have the right formula to represent the Industry

23 May 2005

Young people named regional winners of the chemical industry's 'Young Ambassador Award'

Coventry University's chemistry department closure

23 May 2005

RSC tells radio listeners that the closure of Coventry University's chemistry department was an important issue regionally and nationally

New chemistry degree - thumbnail

New chemistry degree is excellent news, says Royal Society of Chemistry

16 May 2005

The University of Central Lancashire is to reintroduce a full chemistry degree within two years.

Bill Bryson Visit

21 March 2005

World-renowned American author Bill Bryson visits the Royal Society of Chemistry Burlington House offices in London.

Coventry University will be weaker if it abandons chemistry

22 February 2005

If reports that Coventry University is to abandon chemistry are well-founded then it represents another blow to science provision in the UK and to the West Midlands in particular.