February 2007

A member of the public is quizzed about cooling towers

Myth of cooling towers is symptomatic of global warming information shortage

15 February 2007

More than two-thirds of people in the UK believe, wrongly, that smoke or harmful emissions emerge from cooling towers.

Lust and Love

Ten things you never knew about Lust and Love

13 February 2007

With Valentines' Day upon us, the RSC has selected ten highlights from its recently published Lust and Love book.

Planet Earth

A positive side to ozone depletion?

13 February 2007

The negative effects of sun exposure are well documented - but what about the other side of the story?


Inject microgels instead of spinal surgery?

08 February 2007

Microgels could be used to repair damaged spinal discs, say Manchester based scientists.

Colony of aspergillus

Healthier buildings mean healthier pupils

06 February 2007

Renovating moisture damaged school buildings can improve the health of pupils, claim Finnish researchers.

Dr Richard Pike

RSC puts climate change teaching at top of agenda

02 February 2007

In a day of intense media activity at the RSC, Richard Pike is quoted on the front page of The Independent, while Colin Osborne has appeared on Radio Five Live.


Pollen for drug delivery

01 February 2007

Hull based scientists believe pollen could be used to deliver drugs into the body.