January 2007

Dr Robert Parker

Motorbike fanatic is new MD of RSC Publishing Division

31 January 2007

Dr Robert Parker is the new MD of the RSC's Publishing Division, having been promoted from his existing role as editorial director.

A cut-away diagram of a cell

Taking a cell's temperature

30 January 2007

Taking the temperature of individual cell components could soon be possible thanks to work by Japanese researchers.

RSC Innovation Awards

RSC Innovation Awards - final call!

29 January 2007

A final call is being made for entries for this year's RSC Innovation Awards, which will see winners walk away with prizes of 4,000.

Queen Mary University of London

Revival of chemistry - The Independent

25 January 2007

The Independent has published a feature, plus an editorial comment, on the reviving fortunes of chemistry across the UK

The European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences

UK chemistry chief to lead European energy-related working group

23 January 2007

RSC chief executive Richard Pike is to lead a new European working group on Chemistry and Energy, which will discuss chemistry's contribution to EU energy policy.

Vegetables, wrapped in plastic

Intelligent wrappers which biodegrade

23 January 2007

Italian scientists have devised wrappers which can reveal contamination and biodegrade when thrown away

Richard Pike

Chief executive's teaching of global warming story featured in national newspapers

22 January 2007

Richard Pike's comments on teaching global warming are in The Independent and the Times Educational Supplement

Super-hydrophobic surface

Less elbow grease in the kitchen and bathroom

22 January 2007

Kitchen surfaces that clean themselves could be a step closer thanks to revolutionary coatings devised by UK scientists.

Spreading margarine on toast

A future without trans-fats

18 January 2007

Canadian scientists have developed a healthier alternative to artery clogging trans-fats

Cocaine found on all Irish banknotes

Cocaine on every bank note

12 January 2007

Every single bank note from a random sample analysed by Irish researchers has tested positive for cocaine.

Richard Pike

Teaching of global warming flawed, says chemistry chief

11 January 2007

Climate change and global warming teaching in schools is flawed through omission, simplification and misrepresentation, says the Royal Society of Chemistry's chief executive.

Mosque at sunset

Ramadan fasting alters arsenic metabolism

09 January 2007

People who fast during religious festivals excrete more of a toxic form of arsenic from the body than those who eat at regular intervals.

Another weapon in the arsenal against MRSA

Silver bullet for superbugs

05 January 2007

A new coating incorporating silver has been developed to fight the spread of superbugs

Professor Jim Feast

RSC President receives CBE and RSC Fellow receives Knighthood in New Year Honours

04 January 2007

RSC President Jim Feast has received the CBE for "services to polymer chemistry" and RSC Fellow Fraser Stoddart is knighted.

David Alker

RSC offers funding to support key Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme

03 January 2007

A scheme that takes undergraduates in chemistry and other subjects into school classrooms is to get a major cash boost from the Royal Society of Chemistry

red wine

Royal Society of Chemistry's hangover avoidance and alleviation advice

01 January 2007

A 'morning-after' breakfast of toast with honey or golden syrup is the little-known but ideal way to combat a hangover.