July 2007

Chinese girl writing complex formula on blackboard

Report concerning science students quitting over poor maths

27 July 2007

The National Audit Office is right to spotlight the acute and increasingly worrying issues stemming from poor mathematics skills in British education

Planet Earth

RSC signs up to accord on action for the world's future

27 July 2007

Six nations make the committment

Man with a megaphone

Statement on scientific freedom and boycotts

23 July 2007

RSC Council has discussed, and reaffirmed, its stance on the matter of academic freedom relating to political controversy

Chemistry of Art Book Cover

Pupils to discover the art behind the science

17 July 2007

Art teachers and chemistry teachers will work together in one location for the benefit of pupils from all over London

First hydrogen powered racing car, sponsored by RSC

World's first hydrogen powered racing car, sponsored by RSC

16 July 2007

Pictured making its debut at Silverstone

Professor Jim Feast

Second Royal laurel in 2007 for RSC President

13 July 2007

The Royal Society has awarded a Royal Medal to Professor Jim Feast

C:TNG Demonstration

DNA worn as necklaces

02 July 2007

A-level chemistry students take part in activity days at the University of Leicester