June 2008


Black mark for examiners offering simplistic questions

30 June 2008

Questions like "What powers a solar-powered mole-scarer?" do not test students, says Richard Pike

SEM image of micro-doughnuts

Cells have an appetite for micro-doughnuts

24 June 2008

"Micro-doughnuts" might give scientists a new way to deliver drugs selectively, eliminating nasty side effects of life-saving treatments such as chemotherapy.

world and energy

Powder power - a simple, efficient route to hydrogen fuel

23 June 2008

Chemists in the US have developed a simple reaction to make ammonia borane - a powder more hydrogen-dense than even liquid hydrogen.

Health Secretary Alan Johnson

Soho sees a flurry of Snow in June

17 June 2008

Health Secretary Alan Johnson and the RSC commemorate the 150th anniversary of the death of Dr John Snow


Health Secretary will honour tenacity of cholera pioneer

16 June 2008

A tribute to the pioneering scientist who discovered that water, not air, conveys cholera

Rendered cells

Two new RSC journals to launch in 2009

12 June 2008

Integrative Biology and Metallomics will fill the interdisciplinary gaps in the worldwide scientific publishing community

George Clooney's face

Scientists work to stop chocolate going the way of George Clooney

10 June 2008

Insights into the structure of ageing chocolate might help manufacturers prevent it from going grey

Edward Harrison, inventor of the gas mask and often forgotten hero of World War 1.

Gas mask inventor Harrison honoured in death by Churchill

10 June 2008

A letter from the then Minister of Munitions to Edward Harrison's widow shows how much the country owes the hero chemist

Oil Rig

World media organisations respond to RSC oil claims

09 June 2008

Statistical analysis is needed to correctly predict oil reserves

Oil Pump

Times newspaper quotes RSC chief executive on oil

05 June 2008

The Times reports an assertion by RSC chief executive that world oil reserves have been seriously underestimated

Dr Richard Pike

Trivial initiatives worsening the dangers of climate change

04 June 2008

Richard Pike has said Britain has become preoccupied with minor energy-saving initiatives