February 2009

Gordon Brown

Chemists welcome PM's remarks on science

27 February 2009

Gordon Brown's determination to ring-fence science is far-sighted and well-judged, says RSC

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher hears how Britain surrendered rights to great inventions

26 February 2009

The former Prime Minister attends book launch at Royal Society of Chemistry

Meniscus of water in burette

Virtual labs overcome chemistry practical phobia

16 February 2009

New e-learning tool available free to chemistry teacher trainees and their pupils

A couple in love

Lust and Love food for Valentine's Day

12 February 2009

The world's best-known writers on the chemistry of love have prepared food tips for those seeking Valentine perfection this weekend


18% for 'good' GCSE chemistry pass

06 February 2009

RSC document points to need for better quality assurance in exams

Fast moving car on motorway at night time

Reducing hot air in cars

04 February 2009

The Times features a letter from Richard Pike on the automotive industry and reducing carbon dioxide emissions