April 2010

Susan Watts, Newsnight science editor

Newsnight science editor hails RSC election efforts

30 May 2010

Experienced journalist Susan Watts looks at the issue of science in the general election

Big Ben

Election debate should address science funding, write society presidents

29 April 2010

The next government must commit significant resources to blue-skies research to keep the UK competitive

Richard Pike, Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Science yet to feature on the general election agenda

29 April 2010

Despite its importance to the economy and the future well-being of the country, science has yet to play the important role it should in the election campaign

Chemspider logo

ChemSpider wins best practice award

27 April 2010

Bio-IT World Best Practices Award recognizes contributions to community-based chemistry

10 Downing Street

Be an Election Night swinger

26 April 2010

Polls, swings and statistics - everyone should be able to do our election maths quiz, says the RSC chief executive

Power station

Advertising Standards Authority must clean up its act, says chemistry chief

20 April 2010

The ASA has twice failed to rule logically on complaints of national importance made by the scientific community

Sean Connery

Edinburgh 84-year-old wins Sean Connery competition

13 April 2010

Soldier involved in last action of WWII is best-preserved Briton

SBS office shot

Staff sickness could decline thanks to new gadget

08 April 2010

Japanese scientists design a device that oxidises pollutants into less harmful substances

Chemical structure of mephedrone

Mephedrone users at risk of impotence, says RSC Fellow

01 April 2010

Clubbers leaving themselves open to health risks, according to Professor John Mann at Queen's University, Belfast.

School laboratory

Top of the Bench winner

01 April 2010

North Halifax Grammar School team wins chemistry prize