September 2010

Cruise in Minority Report

Minority Report-style detection of kidney failure soon to become reality

30 September 2010

Scientists discover an easy way to see if people are more likely to suffer from kidney failure due to a lack of vitamin D

Bank notes

Chemistry worth 250bn to UK per year, says report

28 September 2010

An independent report has found one in five pounds in the UK economy is dependent on chemical science developments

India map

RSC's global expansion continues in India

21 September 2010

The RSC's latest international office officially opened in Bangalore yesterday

Richard Pike, Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry

The scramble for elements will dominate the future, warns chemistry chief

20 September 2010

Access to scarce natural resources will dominate relations between the world's powers in the future

The 'Crazy Chemist'

RSC condemns the government's 'Crazy Chemist' campaign

16 September 2010

The Royal Society of Chemistry issued a fierce condemnation of the Home Office's re-hashed 'Crazy Chemist' campaign

ChemSpider Logo

ChemSpider makes it a hat-trick of awards in 2010

15 September 2010

The RSC's free online chemistry database chalks up its third award of the year

International Year of Chemistry 2011

International Year of Chemistry

14 September 2010

Richard Pike grasped the opportunity of plugging the IYC whist discussing the properties of helium

Vince Cable

RSC responds to Vince Cable keynote speech on science

08 September 2010

The RSC welcomes Vince Cable's focus on top research projects and new report reveals priority areas suffering huge funding shortfalls

Richard Pike, Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Chemistry chief challenges Ed Balls over standards using government's own sources

01 September 2010

Dr Richard Pike has written to Ed Balls, challenging the latter's assertion that GCSEs have not become easier.