April 2011

Lust and Love

Royal honeymooners should avoid lettuce and green salads

26 April 2011

Authors of the RSC book 'Love and Lust' offer the Royal couple some honeymoon diet advice


Allow UK pupils to learn to think, RSC tells Government

15 April 2011

Society in joint evidence submission to curriculum review

Nuclear power station

Nuclear energy's role vital in making UK low-carbon country

14 April 2011

The Fukushima power plant crisis must not derail the move to a low-carbon economy in the UK

India map

South, East Asia should be priority target for next nitrogen pollution assessment

13 April 2011

As Western nitrogen pollution eases off, we should focus on expanding economies like China and India


Chemists from across the world share clean energy advances

10 April 2011

The 1st International Conference on Clean Energy Science began today