July 2011

David Edey

Alcester teenager on the podium in International Chemistry Olympiad

28 July 2011

An Alcester teenager has become one of the world's top three chemistry students after winning gold at the International Chemistry Olympiad 2011.

Peer review

RSC responds to science and technology committee report on peer review

28 July 2011

Dr James Milne, acting managing director RSC Publishing, comments on parliament's science and technology committee report on peer review.

Professor David Phillips

RSC president welcomes news of GSK research and development plans

28 July 2011

Professor David Phillips welcomed plans by pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline to expand their research and development base in the UK.

Richard at a science lesson

Former Royal Society of Chemistry Chief Executive Dr Richard Pike dies

26 July 2011

Dr Richard Pike, one of the country's leading voices in science and education, has died at the age of 61.

Pound coins

RSC President comments on new EPSRC funding outline

25 July 2011

"Pragmatic organic chemists will be stimulated to explore how their research interests can mesh with other areas."

RSC Publishing Logo

RSC journals growing faster than any other chemistry publisher

11 July 2011

RSC journals' average IF is 5.4 - over twice that of the average chemistry journal

Power station

Greenpeace, Monbiot to debate nuclear future at Chemistry Centre

07 July 2011

Four high-profile debaters will weigh the future need for nuclear power in Britain

Crime scene tape

Science keeps us one step ahead of criminals - it must stay that way, warns RSC CEO

01 July 2011

Forensic science integrity and research excellence must be retained whatever happens to the FSS