May 2011


Low-carbon targets could be missed if SIM report recommendations go unheeded

17 May 2011

Getting a grip on the flow of chemical elements is crucial to hitting sustainability targets like low-carbon transport.


RSC welcomes Ofqual exam standards review

13 May 2011

The RSC welcomes the news that the exam regulator will announce an investigation into A-level and GCSE standards.


Maintaining the status quo in Scotland: fiction or fact?

05 May 2011

One question concerning Higher Education in Scotland looms larger than all others on Election Day: where will the money come from to make up the potential 300m shortfall in univer...

Carwyn Jones

Science in Wales needs to move up a gear

05 May 2011

All the recent analysis on STEM provision in Wales points to one conclusion - that science in the country needs to step up a gear.


Juice what the doctor ordered

04 May 2011

Scientists have discovered the ideal fruit blend that could lower the risk of heart disease.

Miss Havisham

Great Expectations 150th anniversary: happily-wedded Miss Havisham sought

03 May 2011

Jilted bride's famed wedding cake will be recreated