RSC inundated with austerity meal suggestions

17 November 2011

We'd like to thank every one of the hundreds of people who have sent in suggestions for cheap meals following our promise to reward the first more economical entry with 200.

We've had so many suggestions it's difficult to address them all. So please bear with us while we look into all your submissions.

Only a few, however, have included actual nutritional information with their submissions. It's a lot easier to tell at a glance if your submission meets the criteria (the first person to offer an edible, cheaper, just as or more nutritious meal) laid out in the original offer if you include this information.

Update 22 November: Thank you all for your inventive suggestions - we've received so many hundreds of austerity recipes it will take weeks to check them all! Clearly picking 'the first' will be difficult, so we will randomly select a winner from all those entries that qualify for the prize. We're now drawing this offer to a close so we can focus on finding a winner.

Please note this offer is closed and no longer valid as of 22 November 2011.

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