November 2011

British chemist

Lancaster University announces new Department of Chemistry

24 November 2011

The new department will establish a challenging research-led MChem degree programme

Robert Parker

Robert Parker and David Phillips's letter to Professor David Delpy

23 November 2011

Robert Parker and David Phillips's letter to David Delpy on the EPSRC Shaping Capability Programme

Power station

RSC responds to House of Lords science and technology select committee report on nuclear

23 November 2011

The RSC responds to the the House of Lords science and technology select committee's report on nuclear power

Mrs Beeton

RSC inundated with austerity meal suggestions

17 November 2011

After toast sandwich media coverage yesterday our inboxes and stomachs are fit to burst


Another reason for scientists to find a home with the RSC

16 November 2011

Academic and industrial researchers in toxicology will have a new option for publishing their research in 2012, with the launch of the latest RSC journal Toxicology Research.

Mrs Beeton

Mrs Beeton's all-bread sandwich recreated for tough-times Britain

15 November 2011

It won't be the most elaborate sandwich ever created: bread, between bread and bread.

James Paraffin Young

RSC honours forgotten Scottish scientific hero

09 November 2011

In the 200th anniversary of his birth, the RSC awards 'world's first oil man' James 'Paraffin' Young a chemical landmark plaque.

Professor David Phillips

Professor David Phillips's speech at this year's Science and the Parliament in Edinburgh

09 November 2011

The RSC President's keynote speech to the 2011 Science and the Parliament audience at Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh.

Mabel Elliott

Discovered: anonymous woman who thwarted First World War spy ring

07 November 2011

The emerging story of modest Mabel Elliott also reveals how chemists detected messages written in lemon juice


Follow the Far East model in science funding, says RSC chief

01 November 2011

Britain should end its freeze on science spending and follow in the footsteps of Japan if it wants to drive economic growth, according to Robert Parker.

Robert Parker

Dr Robert Parker's speech at the RSC Tokyo official opening

01 November 2011

The chief executive's speech at the official opening of the RSC's Tokyo office in Ochanomizu, Tokyo