Chemistry for Biologists

In and out of cells

1. Active transport involves:
molecules moving down a concentration gradient
molecules moving by osmosis
cells using energy
cells producing energy
2. Diffusion is an example of:
passive transport
active transport
3. One of the following is not a role of intrinsic and extrinsic proteins:
pores allowing diffusion of small particles
hormone receptors
facilitated diffusion
4. In phospholipids, one fatty acid molecule is replaced by:
ethanoic acid
phosphoric acid
stearic acid
propanoic acid
5. Triglycerides are formed from a reaction between:
glycerine and amino acids, phosphoric acid or simple sugars
glycerol and amino acids, phosphoric acid and complex sugars
glycerol and fatty acids, phosphoric acid or simple sugars
glycerine and fatty acid, phosphoric acid or complex sugars