"The increasing globalisation of Chemistry is offering fantastic opportunities for chemists from all parts of the world. When I am recruiting graduates into my own research group, accreditation of their undergraduate degree programme  by the RSC provides confidence that they have achieved the standards necessary to be considered to be professional chemists. I know that they will have covered a broad range of the chemical sciences, have good experience of laboratory working, and to have acquired the skills to express these to a high professional standard."

Professor Tom Welton, Head of Department; Imperial College, London


"RSC accreditation constitutes a major step forward our graduates, both in the region and globally. The review process was also a learning experience for us which has led to strengthening of our programme. We are delighted to have the first international programme to be awarded this status and look forward to increased involvement with the RSC."

Dr John Graham, Head of Chemistry; United Arab Emirates University


"Chemistry Department of the University of Malaya (UM) is honoured to be the first institution of higher learning in Malaysia to receive the RSC accreditation for our BSc (Chemistry) and BSc (Applied Chemistry) programmes. Benchmarking our programmes with those offered by other renowned universities through the RSC accreditation would help us develop and expand our programmes in line with international quality and standards. With high quality chemistry education and research, we aspire to make our presence felt on the international stage RSC accreditation is a step forward towards achieving this aspiration. We hope that other universities in Malaysia will follow our stride, working towards the advancement of chemistry, as a significant contribution in our goal to be a highly developed nation."

Professor Sharifuddin Bin Md Zain, Head of Chemistry Department; University of Malaya


"From the very inception of the programme in 1979, we received considerable support , strength and encouragement from the RSC : the appointment of external examiners from the UK and  the recognition of the  Programme (in stages) by the RSC for direct admission to the Associate Member category facilitated in no small measure the first post-graduates to emerge from amongst our Graduate Chemists after pursuing MSc courses in the UK. Globally recognized today, it is estimated that about 75 PHD's and about 150 Masters degrees have been obtained by our products from Universities in UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Singapore, Norway, Switzerland,, France , New Zealand etc and over the next 2 years we expect that about half of our total production (now at 822) would have received PG degrees.

"When the RSC  enquired  from us a few months ago whether we would wish to have the Graduateship Programme considered for accreditation, we readily agreed, despite the cost, since it was strongly felt that  accreditation by the RSC with all its experience and expertise in chemical education and accreditation exercises would  result in a qualitative improvement of the programme and also be another source of development and stronger recognition for our programme amongst a wider section of professionals, academics, students and the  general public. The Accreditation Team was in Sri Lanka in June 2012 and in the light of the recommendations made by them we would be able to obtain recognition in 2013.

Professor J.N.O. Fernando, Honorary Rector, College of Chemical Sciences, Institute of Chemistry Ceylon.