Breadth of Knowledge (Bachelors BSc & Integrated Masters MChem)

KR: Evidence of study of the three main branches of the chemistry is provided at some point during university study
  • The chemical sciences represent a broad field of study so it is essential that those studying an accredited programme demonstrate knowledge of underlying chemistry concepts 
  • These studies should lead on from secondary/high school science education and are likely to feature at an introductory stage of the degree programme 
  • Students must develop an ability to evaluate and interpret key chemical principles 
KR: Programme outcomes should include a breadth of understanding of chemistry with the ability to solve problems at the threshold level of competence
  • Students completing an accredited programme must be able to demonstrate a systematic understanding of fundamental physicochemical principles and an ability to apply that knowledge to the solution of theoretical and practical problems 
  • Students must also be enabled to gain knowledge of a range of inorganic and organic materials and be able to realise their understanding in the synthesis of such materials and the analysis of their properties 
  • The required threshold level is exemplified by the standard of problem questions in Appendix A of Accreditation Booklet 
  • For bachelor's programmes, the threshold for breadth of study must be achieved within a programme's learning outcomes 
  • For integrated mater's programmes the threshold for breadth of study should be achieved at an intermediate stage of the programme
  • Programmes that are developed to provide a wide ranging and extensive knowledge of chemistry, for example, those titled simply "chemistry", would normally be expected to offer the required level of breadth across the chemistry discipline 
  • Programmes with more specialist objective, eg those title "medicinal chemistry", can provide reduced coverage in the least relevant areas. This must be compensated by an increased coverage in more relevant areas of chemical science 
  • Problems in Appendix A (of Accreditation Booklet) are intended to be indicative of the standard which the RSC expects students to attain and are in no way intended to define curriculum content