Breadth of Knowledge (Discrete Masters, MSc)

KR: Breadth of understanding of chemistry through prior learning must be assured through admissions processes
  • There is an expectation that those embarking on discrete masters programmes have already developed a level of subject knowledge, abilities and skills in chemistry that enables them to pursue studies in chemical science at the master's level and successfully achieve the prescribed learning outcomes
  • Typically those applying for discrete masters programmes will have a 1st cycle qualification in chemistry or one which contained greater part chemistry. Through scrutiny of diploma supplements, interviews and/or any other means the university chooses, it must be established before admission that any prior qualification(s) has caused the student to develop subject knowledge and understanding at bachelor's level together with the appropriate abilities and skills described in the Chemistry Benchmark Statement
  • Admission processes can also be applied to those with a first cycle qualification in a related interdisciplinary area and/or those with suitable experiential learning. In admitting such students, universities may wish to prescribe a programme of supplementary studies in order to strengthen areas of weakness
  • The accreditation process will seek to ensure that university admissions processes are robust and applied effectively