Depth of Knowledge (Discrete Masters, MSc)

KR: Programmes should ensure a depth of knowledge in specialist areas of chemical science demonstrated by an ability to solve problems
  • Depth of study cross references to master's level in the Chemistry Benchmark Statement (ref - Advanced studies, Problem-solving) and is exemplified by the provision of a number of problems of an advanced nature in Appendix B of accreditation booklet. These are suitable for inclusion in unseen examinations, open-book examinations, and examinations where questions are issued in advance
  • Material at the level of Appendix B (of accreditation booklet) problems would normally be included in the last latter stages of a full time integrated master's programme
  • Material at the level of Appendix B (of accreditation booklet) problems would be a fundamental feature of a discrete master's programme
  • There is an expectation that problems presented to students in assessments are unfamiliar, in that they have not been previously coached to tackle problems of a particular type
  • The range of problems that students will be expected to be able to solve will usually be narrower than in the case of those presented in Appendix A (of accreditation booklet). This allows institutions freedom to continue to develop specialist chemical science programmes. In all cases intellectual rigour demonstrated by depth of study will be necessary
  • Problems contained in Appendix B (of accreditation booklet) are intended to be indicative of the standard which the RSC expects students to attain and are in no way intended to define curriculum content