Programme Title (all programmes)

KR: Programmes must develop the professional skills for those intending to practice chemical science as a profession
  • When selecting programmes, students will often equate their career aspirations to the title. Similarly an employer of chemists will have preconceptions about graduates from a programme based on title. The title of a programme should be indicative of the content and it should follow that the subject knowledge, abilities and skills provided to successful students are directly relevant to the title 
  • The RSC's general expectations are:
    • Programmes titled simply "chemistry" provide a balanced programme across the discipline. The substantial project can be any chemistry topic
    • Programmes with titles such as "chemistry with medicinal chemistry" or "chemistry with analytical chemistry" imply a balanced programme with a specialism in a particular area of chemical science.
      • Bachelor's programmes should provide study in the specialism in the final year of study (see KR4)
      • Master's programmes must contain taught material from the implied specialism at master's level and require students to conduct their substantial project in an area of chemical science related to specialism (see KR5 and KR8
    • Programmes which combine studies in chemistry with that in another discipline such as "chemistry with French" and "chemistry with mathematics" denote a major/minor split
      • Generally the minor subject would typically account for at least a quarter of the programme
      • For master's programmes, chemistry studies should be taken to master's level and form the substantial project