Mr Gerry Maxwell CChem FRSC

Mrs Janice Chubb CChem MRSC

Dr Lee Dingwall CSci CChem MRSC

Ordinary Members

Mr Peter Brawn EurChem CChem FRSC
Dr Sara Evans CChem FRSC
Mrs Katie Marrs CChem MRSC
Mr Brian Woodget CChem FRSC
Dr Andrew Mayes CChem MRSC
Dr Phil Snowden CChem FRSC
Dr Roger Wood OBE CChem FRSC 
Mrs Sue Thompson MRSC 
Maria Marin AMRSC 
Miss Alice Optale AMRSC 

Committee Expertise

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Quality systems and accreditation
  • Food science
  • Trace analysis - particularly in food and agricultural samples
  • Chromatographic science
  • Educational issues
  • Teaching of analytical science
  • Forensic science - teaching and practice
  • Sensor technology
  • Materials chemistry
  • Clinical analysis
  • Molecular and atomic spectroscopy
  • Analytical toxicology
  • European / National legislation
  • Pesticide registration