Picture of Dr Derek Stevenson CChem FRSC

Dr Derek Stevenson CChem FRSC


Picture of Dr Stephen Barton BSc CSci CChem MRSC

Dr Stephen Barton BSc CSci CChem MRSC


Principal Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry at Kingston University and Manager of Kingston Analytical Services.
Areas of interest include thermal analysis and materials analysis.

Picture of Dr Joanne Elliott MRSC

Dr Joanne Elliott MRSC


Undergraduate Admissions Tutor for Chemistry and Lecturer in Physical Chemistry at the University of Reading.  Areas of interest are Nanostructured Materials and Electrochemistry.

Picture of Dr Mike Bloomfield CChem FRSC

Dr Mike Bloomfield CChem FRSC

Industrial Analytical Scientist with extensive experience and interest in method development, validation and application in the Pharmaceutical & Consumer Healthcare Industry (GSK). Particular expertise in Flow Injection Analysis & Experimental Design, having published widely in this area for Pharmaceutical applications. Active interest in the promotion and application of new analytical science, particularly where this can be applied to Industry

Picture of Dr Carl Hall CChem MRSC

Dr Carl Hall CChem MRSC

I have been a lecturer in Analytical and Forensic Science for 15 years.  Firstly at the University of Huddersfield where I also spent a period as deputy course leader and was part of the team which developed the degrees in; Pharmaceutical Science, Forensic and Analytical Science and the MChem with an Industrial Placement, and more recently at Kingston University.

I have supervised a number of postgraduate students predominantly in the area of novel polymers and biosensors as well as working on the electroanalysis of self assembled metal helicates and undertaken consultancy work for industry.  I have been an active member of the Analytical Science community through my work with the Analytical Division of the RSC where I was first elected to AD Council in 1999.

Picture of Dr John Newbery FRSC

Dr John Newbery FRSC

Former Head of the School of Science at the University of Greenwich, experience in industry in minerals processing and product analysis. Knowledge of formulation. Analytical experience in chromatography, particle sizing, flow-injection analysis, and rheology.

Picture of Dr Birthe Nielsen AMRSC

Dr Birthe Nielsen AMRSC

Lecturer in Analytical Science at the University of Greenwich.  Research interests include developing methods using mass spectrometry for the detection and quantification of salivary biomarkers of clinical and biopharmaceutical significance.

Co-opted Members

  • Dr Samantha Booth MRSC
  • Dr Shane Lo Fan Hin 

Both co-opted for the SAC.