Animal Feedingstuffs Expert Working Group

Aims and intentions

The work of the Animal Feedingstuffs Expert Working Group involves introduction and validation of new methods of analysis and improvement of existing methods, through collaborative testing. Although the analysis of animal feedingstuffs (including pet foods) is subject to the Feeding Stuffs Regulations in the UK, the Expert Working Group conducts work relating to activities within the European Union and receives reports from the EU Committee of Experts on Methods of Analysis.

Usually, when a new method has been validated, it is submitted to the AMC for approval and, if considered satisfactory, published in a suitable journal. Subsequently methods may be submitted to the EU Committee of Experts to be considered for incorporation into EU and UK legislation. The group continues to respond to the needs of the industry.


The Expert Working Group is made up of representatives from consultants, government, industry, and public analysts. Membership of the Animal Feedingstuffs Expert Working Group, as of 1 May 2019, is:

Andrew DamantFSA
Chris PiotrowskiAunir
George PerrottAIC
Kevin WardleAPA
Kirstin GrayLGC
Lana OliverPFMA 
Michael BlotzSalamon and Seaber
Ray SmithConsultant
Sarah HormoziPFMA
Steve RevettMars
Susan MacdonaldFera
Roger WoodSecretary