Linear Functional Relationship Estimation by Maximum Likelihood

This Excel Add-in was developed in support of AMC technical brief number 10, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. It uses the algorithms described in the Technical Brief and cited papers to estimate best fit linear relationships between two variables where both variables have significant uncertainties. 

The add-in provides a single menu-driven facility for maximum likelihood fitting. It includes the following features:

  • Fitting with or without the intercept forced through zero
  • Optional charts including regression and scaled residuals plots
  • Optional input data listing
  • Goodness-of fit statistics
  • Full Help system   
Zipped file
Includes all the necessary files but requires pkunzip, winzip or similar software to decompress it:
  1. Analytical Methods Committee (AMC) Technical brief No. 10. "Fitting a linear functional relationship to data with error on both variables" (Royal Society of Chemistry 2002). 

  2. B D Ripley, M Thompson, Regression techniques for analytical bias, Analyst 1987 112 377-383