Analytical Methods Sub-Committees

Most of the Sub-committees are orientated towards a specific topic area. Much of the financial support for them is provided by government bodies, particularly the Food Standards Agency and the NMO.

The present Sub-Committees are:

Animal Feeding Stuffs Sub-Committee

The work of this Sub-Committee involves introduction and validation of new methods of analysis and improvement of existing methods, through collaborative testing.

Essential Oil Sub-Committee

The aims of the Sub-Committee are the elaboration and validation of analytical methods to determine the quality and authenticity of traded essential oils.

Heritage Science Sub-Committee

The aim of the Heritage Science Sub-Committee is to promote the role and importance of analytical science in the heritage sector.

Instrumental Criteria Sub-Committee

The objectives of the Instrumental Criteria Sub-Committee are to tabulate features of analytical instruments.

Mass Spectrometry Sub-Committee

A forum for discussion of all aspects of mass spectrometry pertinent to obtaining reliable data with the aim of promoting best practice in the application of mass spectrometry.

Method Validation and Data Quality Sub-Committee

The aim of the Sub-Committee is to advise the AMC on the maintenance of analytical quality procedures with particular attention to method validation and QA

Nitrogen Factors Sub-committee

The aim of the Sub-Committee is to investigate the (proximate) composition of meat and fish to enable nitrogen factors for such products to be recommended.

The Statistical Methods Sub-committee

Statistics, as the conceptual language of calibration and all aspects of data quality, plays an axial role in analytical science. The Sub-Committee aims to make available best pra...

Sampling Uncertainty/Sampling Quality Sub-Committee

The aim is to consider the effect of sampling uncertainty, and procedures for its elaboration, and to make recommendations as to best practice in aspects of sampling.