Mass Spectrometry Sub-Committee

The Mass Spectrometry Sub-Committee acts as a forum for discussion of measurement problems and for exchanging ideas and views on all aspects of  mass spectrometry pertinent to obtaining reliable data.

The overall aim of the Sub-Committee is to promote best practice in the application of mass spectrometry.

Its main objectives are to:

  • identify specific quality issues, to suggest ways of addressing them, 
  • to assist in developing the proposed solutions. 

Much of the Sub-Committee’s work is concerned with preparing guides, discussion papers, protocols, etc for wide distribution.

Recent reports of the Sub-Committee include guides on AccMass Measurements and Best Practice for Obtaining Mass Spectra.

Current work includes a new guide to quantitative LC-MS(-MS). If it is felt to be necessary, the Sub-Committee also organises collaborative evaluations of mass spectrometry methodology in order to ensure that the guidance is soundly based.

It is essential that guidance developed within the UK reflects approaches in Europe and around the world.

An important aspect of the Sub-Committee’s remit is, therefore, to act as a focus for collating information on relevant overseas activities and co-ordinating UK input into the appropriate international organisations. 

The Sub-Committee operates in close collaboration with other relevant organisations and activities, notably the Valid Analytical Measurement (VAM) programme at LGC and the British Mass Spectrometry Society (BMSS).

Membership is by invitation and covers a wide range of mass spectrometry interests in industry, academia and government, including all the major mass spectrometry suppliers.

If you have questions or comments about the activities please contact the chairman, Mike Sargent.

Mass Spectrometry Committee Members

The sub-committee is made up of representatives from consultants, government, industry, and public analysts

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Dr Mike Sargent