Analytical Division Strategy - Member Engagement: Communication with our members

Dr John Langley leads this part of the Analytical Division Strategy.

Dr John Langley

This group was founded and led by Alan Handley during his time as President and Honorary Past President of the Analytical Division (AD). AD Council Member, John Langley, has now picked up the baton to lead this strand of AD Strategy for the next period.

Member engagement and effective communication are vital to all Division activities. The group reviewed the responses from the Membership Survey carried out in 2013 and identified three priority areas for action:

  1. To improve communication mechanisms within the Analytical Division community and to ensure that the right information is communicated to the right people  
  2. To partner RSC Groups and external Stakeholders for impact  
  3. To strengthen the analytical community by engaging with external stakeholders       

Other members of the group working on developing communication and engagement with our members include Melissa Hanna-Brown (AD President), Dave Elder, Alan Handley, Ian Priestley (Thermal Methods Group), Mike Sargent (Automation and Analytical Management Group), Andrew Morrison (Scottish Region of the AD), David Perrett (South East Region of the AD, SERAD), Lee Gonzalez (representing younger members) and Perdita Barran to assist with social media. 

Progress to Date

On 5 February 2015, Perdita Barran from this group helped to organise an online poster competition run in conjunction with the RSC analytical journals. The event was a great success, featuring work from across the analytical sciences, submitted from all over the world. Around 80 posters were presented during the conference, as well as a couple of videos. Around 380 people took part, asking questions and sharing ideas, with Tweets from Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. The science was excellent, subjects presented included diagnosing diseases using nanotechnology, detecting 3rd hand smoke with HPLC, analysing latent fingerprints and microbial metabolomics among many others.

On 3 June 2015, we launched a new e-newsletter with news from various member groups within the Division including AD Council itself. The newsletter will be published after each AD Council meeting (i.e. three times a year). Please let us know what you think by sending us your feedback.

Next steps will aim to:

  • Deliver improved communication of analytical events including those organised by AD Regions and Interest Groups
  • Create an effective social media presence
  • Facilitate better coordination of activities between local and subject-specific analytical groups to maximise impact 

Work is also underway on engagement with the wider analytical community and we are currently looking at how best we can communicate and engage with UK academic centres, other “analytically focused” societies, funders and policy makers.

We are open to receiving any suggestions/feedback that you may have - please contact us.

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