Analytical Division Strategy - Community: Strengthen the voice of the analytical chemistry community

Professor Duncan Graham leads this part of the Analytical Division Strategy.

Professor Duncan Graham
'The UK has been prolific in its contributions to analytical chemistry over the course of science however modern chemistry within the UK seems to underplay the role of analytical chemistry and its research contributions to the chemistry landscape. This is in stark contrast to other countries such as the USA where analytical chemistry is recognised as one of the strengths of the chemistry portfolio. We are aiming to bring out the level of activity, scientific excellence and innovation within the academic and industrial analytical chemistry research groupings through a series of activities to showcase UK analytical chemistry.'


Other members of the group working on developing the profile of analytical chemistry include Professor Ian Wilson, Dr Tony Bristow, Dr John Langley and Dr Clare Rawlinson Malone.

Themed issue

Our first activity in raising the profile of analytical chemistry in the UK is to create a collection of research papers in a UK analytical chemistry themed web edition hosted by the RSC journals Analyst and Analytical Methods. This is currently in progress and we expect to have 50 leading research contributors from around the UK and from different disciplines including physics, biology and clinical sciences. 

This diversity of contributors as well as the range of scientific topics covered in this analytical theme is designed to show that analytical chemistry reaches well beyond the traditional images and boundaries that tend to be associated with the discipline.


In addition we are commissioning a range of editorials from different perspectives from the chemistry communities covering academic, industrial, instrument manufacturers and end user perspectives. 

These editorials will complement the themed issue and provide a highly visible critical mass of analytical chemistry research and commentary of the importance of this research for use in taking forward the message that analytical chemistry is strong and world leading within the UK.

Case Studies

A series of excellent case studies have recently been published which highlight the importance of chemistry to society and to the economy.  Inspirational chemistry for a modern economy succinctly relates nine stories which demonstrate how chemical research has provided concrete improvements to modern life. 

Some examples, such as the blood analyser for use in GP surgeries which can provide results for patients in 30 seconds or the next generation DNA sequencing devices which can provide faster and cheaper alternatives to existing methods, have a clear analytical focus.

However, it’s worth remembering that analysis plays a vital role in all developments in chemistry since measurement is fundamental to doing science or, in the words of Lord Kelvin ‘to measure is to know’. With this in mind we will look to highlight, where relevant, further examples where analytical chemistry has clearly delivered societal benefit.

Find out more by clicking on the 'Inspirational chemistry for a modern economy' image.

Inspirational chemistry for a modern economy

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