Education Support Group (ESG)

The RSC Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector (BMCS) is active in promoting the advancement of scientific knowledge at all levels in the general area of biological and medicinal chemistry.  

Expertise in these areas underpins our world class pharmaceutical heritage and a continued development of this expertise is crucial to the wellbeing of the UK economy.  At the cutting edge BMCS arrange international conferences that ensure the cross fertilisation of ideas among experts in the field.  

We are also delighted to do what we can to support students as they start on the road that will see them becoming the next generation of chemistry experts who we will depend upon.  

A subset of the BMCS, called  the Education Support Group (ESG) take responsibility for our educational activities which fall into three broad categories. 

Educational Grants Scheme

BMCS offer a number of educational grant schemes which fund a number of small educational projects in schools and colleges.

Contact and Further Information

Dr Kathryn Bell MRSC