Dalton Division Activities

Interest Groups are involved in a wide range of activities including organising scientific meetings, providing opportunities for networking, influencing science policy and supporting students.

Remit of the Dalton Division

To promote the study and the dissemination of knowledge of all aspects of Inorganic chemistry; the chemistry of the chemical elements and their compounds, excluding most of those of carbon. This includes the promotion of inorganic chemistry as underpinning much interdisciplinary research and influencing the teaching of inorganic chemistry.

To further the objectives of the Society and to provide an opportunity for members of the inorganic chemistry community to increase their knowledge and enhance their professional capacity by holding meetings appropriate to the subject area of the Division.

To cooperate with the other Divisions, Interest Groups and the Local Sections of the Society or, when appropriate, any other body in furthering the preceding objectives.

To advise the RSC, where appropriate, in its core activities in support of inorganic chemistry and to carry out regular reviews of the activities of the inorganic chemistry community.

To assist the society in advising external groups, e.g. funding bodies and groups involved in the public understanding of the social, educational and economic importance of inorganic chemistry. This will include identifying academics, corporate leaders and other individuals who are willing to participate in the work of the Division.

Inorganic Chemistry

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