Occasional Papers

Since 1997 the Historical Group have published ‘Occasional Papers’, which are the texts of lectures given by famous historians of chemistry. There are currently six of these (1997, 2000, 2003, two in 2007, 2009), all in hard copy only. Copies can be found in the Royal Society of Chemistry library and the  British Library. The most recent Occasional Paper has been published as a PDF, and a copy of which can be dowloaded.

Downloadable Files

Jeffrey Seeman - Woodward’s Unpublished Letters: Revealing, Commanding and Elegant. Part 2
RSCHG Occasional Paper No. 10, published May 2018
PDF iconPDF (1511k)  

Robert Burns Woodward in his Own Words
RSCHG Occasional Paper No. 9, published April 2017
PDF iconPDF (426k)  

Frank James - Final Online James Wheeler Lecture 12 October 2015
RSCHG Occasional Paper No. 8, published November 2016
PDF iconPDF (1377k)  

Anthony Travis - Nitrogen, Novel High-Pressure Chemistry, and the German War Effort (1900 - 1918)
RSCHG Occasional Paper No.7, published April 2015
PDF iconPDF (544k)  

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