Industry and Technology Interest Groups

There are fourteen Subject Groups and Sectors associated with the Industry and Technology Division and these organise their own programme of activities. 

Subject Groups are designed to cover those functions and technologies which are of relevance to a wide spectrum of chemical scientists in industry and academia. 

Sectors are defined as those which focus on the chemical science of interest to those working within or in collaboration with (e.g. academia and research institutes) a particular sector of industry. 

Subject Groups and Sectors

Agriculture Sector

Applied Catalysis Group

Applied Materials Chemistry

Biological & Medicinal Chemistry Sector (BMCS)

Biotechnology Group

Chemical Information and Computer Applications Group

Fluorine Chemistry Group

Formulation Science & Technology Group

Law Group

Management Group

Marketing Group

Process Chemistry and Technology Group

Sonochemistry Group

Speciality Chemicals Sector

Interest Groups with related interests in the ITD

Chemical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Consultancy Group

High Throughput Chemistry and New Technologies Group

Industrial Physical Chemistry Group

Surface Reactivity & Catalysis Group

Automation and Analytical Management Group

Toxicology Group

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