The NMR Discussion group is organised by a committee with three executive officers namely a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and 6 ordinary members. 

The Chairman's term of office is 2 years with handover of office at the appropriate NMRDG Christmas Meeting. 

The ordinary members have a term of office of 3 years starting and ending also at an appropriate Christmas meeting. The ordinary members are elected onto the committee by the NMRDG members attending the Christmas meeting. 

If there are no proposals for new members for the committee then the Chairman can nominate one or more persons to fill the vacant positions. Requests for nominations to the committee are usually made when the Christmas meeting is being advertised.

Professor Simon B Duckett CChem MRSC

Dr Stephen J Byard CSci CChem FRSC

Dr John A Parkinson FRSC
Department of Pure & Applied Chemistry, University of Strathclyde, 295 Cathedral Street, Glasgow G1 1XL

Ordinary members

Professor Sharon Ashbrook FRSC
Dr Mike Bernstein CChem MRSC
Dr Melanie Britton MRSC
Dr Andrew Gibbs, MRSC
Dr Flemming Hansen FRSC
Professor Yaroslav Khimyak MRSC
Professor Gareth Morris CChem FRSC
Dr Harry Parkes
Dr Matthew Wallace