Dr Parvez I Haris CChem FRSC


Research Interests: 
After completing his PhD at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine under the supervision of Professor Dennis Chapman FRS in 1989, Parvez continued as a post-doctoral research fellow at the Royal Free until 1996. He took up a lectureship position in Biochemistry at De Montfort University, Leicester in 1996, and is currently a Senior Lecturer there. His research studies involve structure-function relationship in peptides, proteins and biomembranes. Particular emphasis is placed on developing methods for proteomics research and investigation of protein-protein and protein-membrane interactions. Diverse biophysical techniques are used to investigate how peptides and proteins interact with phospholipid bilayers and thereby attain their three-dimensional structure. Systems under investigation include ion-channel proteins, antimicrobial peptides and other medically important peptides and proteins. These research studies utilise a diverse range of biophysical techniques including FTIR, CD, NMR, DSC, X-ray scattering, Neutron diffraction etc. He has published two books and over 100 papers. Dr Haris is a member of the editorial board of the Biochemical Journal. 

Recent Publications: 
Haris, P.I., Molle, G. and Duclohier, H. (2004) 'Conformational changes in alamethicin associated with substitution of its alpha-methylalanines with leucines', Biophys. J., 86, 248-253. Hering J.A., Innocent P.R. and Haris, P.I. (2004) 'Towards developing a protein infrared spectra databank (PISD) for proteomics research', Proteomics, 4, 2310-2319.