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Radiochemistry: For a Safe and Secure World

26 September 2012, Aldermaston Recreational Society, Tadley

Young Researcher's Award 2012

27 - 28 March 2012, Birchwood, UK

Radiochemistry: Marie Curie to present day

14 September 2011, Aldermaston

The Analysts’ Dilemma: Maintaining standards in radiochemistry under future regulation

30 June 2011, The Chemistry Centre, London

Metals, Peptides and Nuclear Medicine: Radiolabelled Peptides in Medical Imaging and Treatment

4 April 2011 - London

Marie Curie and Aspects of the History of Radiochemistry

18 March 2011 - London

11th Environmental Radiochemical Analysis Conference

15-17 September 2010 - Chester

Current Issues in Nuclear Power

24 June 2010, London - Workshop hosted by: RSC Energy Sector and RSC Radiochemistry Group

Chemistry of Geological Disposal

2 December 2009 - Chancellor's Conference Centre, University of Manchester

Radioactivity and the Law

6 October 2009, Burlington House, London

Radiochemistry and Waste Management

2 June 2009, Sellafield Visitors Centre. A joint conference, covering aspects of analytical science, radiochemistry and waste management

Production, Use and Disposal of Radioisotopes in Nuclear Medicine

11 November 2008 at AstraZeneca R&D Charnwood, Loughborough

Tritium – Handling, measurement and disposal

23 October 2008, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

Young Researcher's Competition 2008

The Radiochemistry Group's Young Researcher's Competition 2008 has been won by Nicholas Lloyd of the University of Leicester.

The Role of Radiochemistry in the Sentencing and Disposal of Radioactive Materials

7 April 2008 - Birmingham, UK

Radionuclide Therapy: Chemistry and Applications

25 September 2007 - St Thomas' Hospital, London

Radiochemistry in CBRN/Homeland Security Meeting

22 February 2007 - AWE Aldermaston