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Faces of Toxicology Videos

We are delighted to announce our sixth Faces of Toxicology short film featuring Tim Allen (MRC Toxicology Unit).

Our 'Introduction to Toxicology' animation provides some essential background to the 'science of poisons' in a fun and fact-filled way. The Faces of Toxicology film series highlights the wide variety of topics and careers that Toxicology offers. The Faces of Toxicology films are produced by filmmakers WeLove Media and the animation is a collaboration between animators Thom DeQuin Sansom and Chris Soulsby and WeLove Media. The two earliest films were produced in association with the RSC Analytical Division (Scotland) and used our International Year of Chemistry funding supplied by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

RSC Toxicology is keen to support any of our members interested in creating media to promote awareness and understanding of toxicology to wider audiences.

The animation along with Tim’s film, and those featuring Calum Morrison (University of Glasgow, Analytical Toxicology), Professor Vicki Stone (Heriot-Watt University, Nanotoxicology) and Dr Ravikumar Majeti (Texas A&M University), Nick Ball (Dow Chemical Company) and George Loizou (HSL) can be viewed by following the links below.

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Toxicology Award 2019

Congratulations to Professor Frank Kelly, King's College London, winner of the RSC Toxicology Award 2019.


The RSC Toxicology Group offer bursaries to attend toxicology related conferences. Information about the criteria and application process are available to download below.


Toxicology group have been involved in a number of Notes produced by the Environment, Health & Safety Committee (EHSC) and some of our committee members are representatives on the EHSC working groups.  Toxicology group has co-authored Notes on the Alternatives to Animal Testing and LD50 – Lethal Dose 50%. We have also been consulted on the current draft of a Neurotoxicity Note.

What is a Poison?

05 March 2015

Alternatives to animal testing

18 April 2008

LD50 - lethal dose 50%

22 May 2007

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Dr Lindsay Bramwell AMRSC