Business Sector

A healthy business sector encompassing both manufacturing and service industries is the foundation of a strong economy. Keeping one's skills up to date is vital to enhance both your value to the business and also your own career prospects. 

However this can be a big challenge to many of our members where today's priorities often take precedence over longer term needs of both the individual and the business in which he or she works. The Section strongly commends to members and their companies the recent initiatives developed by the RSC Industry and Technology Forum.

Recently, this Section has fostered strong links with the RSC Marketing Group. Their programme is varied and many of their interesting meetings are held at Burlington House. For further details look at the Marketing Group Forthcoming Events.

The achievement of Chartered status should be seen as a prerequisite to promotion beyond 'entry-level'positions in science or engineering. 

Legally, anyone can call themselves a 'chemist' without the necessary training and experience. However, the RSC CChem Professional Development Programme builds upon high and verifiable levels of academic attainment. It ensures that successful candidates not only possess the necessary communication skills for today's business environment but also subscribe to the appropriate professional standards for working with potentially hazardous materials. Additionally, the obligation to demonstrate high standards of ethical and professional conduct will give confidence to those for whom and with whom our members work.