Committee Vacancies

The Committee is responsible for managing the business of the Section and shall consist of the following members:

  1. The Officers of the Section
  2. Up to a maximum of eleven ordinary members
  3. Up to a maximum of seven members co-opted by the Committee. These individuals should reflect the local membership and local activities. Such members could be drawn from: industry, research organisations, universities within the Section boundary, institutes of tertiary or further education, schools central and local government organisations. 

The Committee meets approximately six times a year at a central London location to conduct its business. Should you feel that you can make a contribution to the Section's activities and would like to serve on the Committee please contact the Chairman or Secretary.

Another way in which you can serve the RSC and the Section is to become a RSC Representative. The RSC encourages the appointment of an RSC Representative where five or more RSC members are employed in an organisation. If the staffing at your workplace meets this criterion you should contact the RSC for further advice. 

Royal Society of Chemistry Representatives

Act as the main point of contact between the RSC and our members in the workplace

Contact and Further Information

Dr Amanda Hardy MRSB MRSC FLS

Mr Tom Keaveny MRSC