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The Section’s Education sub-committee comprises a small group of teachers and others interested in promoting the teaching of chemistry in schools. It organises events designed to foster an interest in chemistry amongst school children of all ages. These include the annual “Top of the Bench” competition, the Daniell Lecture and a range of talks, shows and demonstrations held in schools within the Chilterns & Middlesex Section. 

The group also seeks to promote interest and understanding of chemistry amongst the general public by arranging a variety of events during the biennial “Chemistry Week” celebrations. An annual newsletter giving details of educational activities within the section is circulated to teachers at the beginning of the school year. Any school interested in participating in any of these events, hosting an event or wishing to go on the mailing list, should contact Dr Stephen Robinson.

The Section also has strong links with the Royal Institution and some of the Section’s events are held at that venue from time to time. For over 200 years, the Ri has been 'diffusing science for the common purposes of life'. A range of activities takes place under one roof, from schools lectures to providing a forum for the general public, through to a heritage programme, an arts-science initiative, a media centre and state-of-the-art chemistry labs. The Ri is a home for everyone interested in science, irrespective of whether they have a scientific background or not. Our vision is that a visit to the Ri should be as stimulating and interesting as a visit to a concert or the cinema, yet even more relevant and controversial.

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Ms Chloé R. de Valcy AMRSC
Co-Vice Chair

Dr Amanda Hardy MRSB MRSC FLS