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RSC Thames Valley

The Thames Valley Local Section has over 2200 RSC members.  We have three universities (Reading, Oxford and Oxford Brookes), and are teeming with hundreds of chemical and scientific based companies and organisations.

Please find within these webpages information and activities of the Thames Valley local section - if you have any questions or would like to know how to get involved, please don't hesitate to contact the 'RSC Thames Valley Local Section Committee' via the contact details below.

Thames Valley postcode map

RSC members living and working in the Thames Valley

The RSC Thames Valley local section can help with your continuing professional development (CPD), such as if you're working towards AMRSC, MRSC or CChem. You can enhance you application and increase your skills by taking part in local section activities such as:

  • local section mixers and meetings
  • visiting local schools and colleges to promote chemistry
  • meeting other local professionals in the field
  • joining the local section committee (e.g. through helping with the local section website, organising or helping at a local section event etc)
  • networking with other Thames Valley RSC members through MyRSC     

Our committee are always keen to make new contacts at all of our events.

Thames Valley Local Section Committee - AGM 2018
Thames Valley Local Section Committee - AGM 2018

Contact and Further Information

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Dr Mike Moss