Duties & Responsibilities

RSC Representatives are expected to:

  • Act as the official point of contact and main avenue of communication between the RSC and its members in the workplace

    The RSC channels news and information to members through the RSC Representatives network.  Each month RSC Representatives receive the Networks Newsletter which includes information about events, publications, services and initiatives.  RSC Representatives are encouraged to disseminate and circulate or display (where possible) any information which is relevant or of interest to members at their workplace.

  • Encourage RSC membership

    With support from RSC staff, RSC Representatives advise existing members how to upgrade their membership and promote RSC membership and its benefits to their non-member colleagues.  Occasionally, they liaise with RSC staff involved in recruitment activities.

  • Promote professional development

    The RSC requires members to adopt a professional attitude throughout their career and encourages members to undertake Continuing Professional Development, which requires them to demonstrate their continuing competence as a professional.  RSC Representatives are invited to ensure that their organisation's Human Resources and Training Management are aware of these valuable self-development schemes.

  • Provide feedback

    The RSC Representatives network is a valuable avenue of communication between the RSC's decision makers and its members in different organisations.  RSC Representatives are encouraged to feedback the views of members on any issues, services or initiatives.

  • Assist in ad hoc initiatives

    The assistance of RSC Representatives can be vital in helping the RSC to meet its goals and objectives for example by encouraging individual or company involvement in events such as Chemistry Week as well as ad hoc public awareness campaigns.

    From time to time you may be contacted by fellow RSC members who are interested in finding out more about your organisation.  If you can help directly, or can suggest an alternative person within the organisation for them to approach, it would be appreciated.  You need only provide basic information. If you cannot help, tell the enquirer so.