Early Career Network Committee

What is the purpose of the committee?

The purpose of the Early Career Network Committee is to drive forward the Early Career Network, and it has the following responsibilities:

  1. Have oversight on activities that support members in the early stages of their career organised by Early Career Network Representatives, and advise on other events that could benefit these members. 

  2. Agree funding levels for Early Career Network events, with a defined budget and criteria and receive feedback on funded events.

  3. Discuss matters and identify areas of development relating to member engagement with the Early Career Network, and members in the early stage of their career with other networks (Local Sections, Interest Groups, Division Regions, and Regional Steering Groups). The outcomes of these discussions should be disseminated to the member networks through the Regional Steering Groups and to the Member Networks Committee.

  4. Suggest and identify potential joint activities across the regions, and support these activities where possible, utilising all appropriate networks.

  5. Act as a point of contact for Royal Society of Chemistry staff who would like to consult the committee on products and services that the Royal Society of Chemistry is looking to develop for members in the early stages of their career.

  6. Evaluate the effectiveness of all Early Career Network activities on a regular basis.

  7. Encourage all events run by the network to be inclusive and to have a diverse program of speakers and attendees. 

  8. Ensure that the network facilitates Early Career Network Representatives to:

    • Encourage members in the early stages of their career to attend events, and/ or to become network representatives.
    • Raise awareness of products and services that the Royal Society of Chemistry has for members at this career stage.
    • Encourage those in the early stages of their career to become members or to renew their membership.
    • Carry out any other activities that may be required by Member Networks Committee and the Membership and Qualifications Board.

Who is on the committee?

The committee is made up of the nine Early Career Network Regional Representatives and three members from our membership (regardless if they are in the early stages of their career). The chair of the committee will be appointed from the committee members, and the secretary will be a member of staff from the Royal Society of Chemistry. 

Each committee member will hold their position for three years. 

How often does the committee meet?

The committee will aim to meet physically at least once a year, but keep in touch using online media (email etc.) between these times. If you have any queries please contact the secretary below.  

How can I join the committee?

Currently there are no vacancies on the committee. 

Contact and Further Information

Networks Team
Royal Society of Chemistry, Thomas Graham House, Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 0WF