RSC Representative in Iraq

photo of Dr Asim A. Balakit
Dr Asim A. Balakit, Representative in Iraq
I got BSc in Chemistry (2000) & MSc in Organic Chemistry (2002) from Al Nahrain University, Iraq. Immediately I got a job as assistant lecturer at College of Medicine, Babylon University. In 2006 I moved to the College of Science for Women in the same university to work as a lecturer in the department of chemistry. In 2008 I got a scholarship form the Iraqi government to do the PhD in the UK. Cardiff University was my choice, from there I got my PhD (2013, Professor Keith Smith, Synthesis and Applications of New Polyalkylene sulphides). Once I finished I returned back to my home county and my job at College of Science for Women. In 2014 I was appointed as Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at College of Pharmacy, Babylon University. 

In 2009 I joined the RSC; later in 2014 my application to upgrade my membership to Member (MRSC) was successful. 
As an international representative of the RSC in Iraq, my goal is to create and increase the interaction between the Iraqi academic community and the RSC, and to deliver the positive and beneficial messages from the RSC to my community.  

The areas of my interest and research work are organic and polymer chemistry.

Contact and Further Information

Dr Asim A. Balakit
International Representative for Iraq
College of Pharmacy, Babylon University, Babylon, Iraq
Tel: 0096 47822 285894