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Catalysts & Catalysed Reactions

Graphical abstracts of new developments in catalysis research

The Search Screen

The Search Screen is divided into 4 sections:
  • the Search All Fields section,
  • the Index Terms section,
  • the Bibliographic Data section and
  • Search and Display section.

One or more of the search options on the search screen may be used in a single search enquiry.

If you enter text in more than one of the text entry boxes a default logical "AND" connects the text in each of the text entry boxes. This can be changed to a logical "OR" using the drop down menu box in the Boolean searching between fields box at the bottom of the Search Screen. Further information is given in the help topic Searching Using Free Text.

The Search all fields section contains a text entry box, and a drop-down list for limiting a search to a particular Web issue of Catalysts & Catalysed Reactions. Further information on using these options is provided in the help topics Searching Using Free Text and Restricting Search Results.

The Index Terms section contains 3 text entry boxes and 2 drop down menus. The 3 text entry boxes search ReactantsProducts  and Catalysts. The search is performed on the corresponding indexes that appear in the printed version of Catalysts & Catalysed Reactions when the 3 text entry boxes are used.
The 2 drop down menus Catalyst Type and Reaction Type  each contain a list from which one entry may be selected. When an entry from these menus is selected, the search is performed on the reaction and/or catalyst type that are used to section the items in the printed version of Catalyst & Catalysed Reactions. Information on searching index terms is given in the help topic Searching Index Terms.

The Bibliographic Data section contains 3 text entry boxes to search Article titleAuthor namesJournal title, drop-down lists for selection of the publication year(s) of the original article, and a square check box labelled 'Search all years'. Information on searching Bibliographic Data is given in the help topic Searching Bibliographic Data.

The Search and Display section contains 2 drop-down lists which enable the user to define Number of hits to be displayed per page, and whether the Boolean search operators  AND or OR are used between fields. Information on using these options is given in the help topic Restricting Search Results.

To perform a search once you have entered your search criteria, click on either of the 2 button bars labelled Search, situated on the top left and near the bottom of the search screen. To clear the search screen of your entries, click on either of the 2 button bars labelled Clear.
As search criteria from your previous search remain on the search screen, it is recommended that you use the Clear facility when you return to the Search screen before entering completely new criteria for a subsequent search.

The Search Screen

Introducing the search function on Catalysts & Catalysed Reactions Online

Searching Using Free Text

Searching throughout all fields in the database

Searching Using Index Terms

Using the unique index entries to tailor your search

Restricting Search Results

How to refine the criteria used to search the database

Searching Bibliographic Data

Using title, author and publication year details