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Chromatography Abstracts

Recent advances in all aspects of chromatography and separation science

Chromatography Abstracts has been discontinued from the end of 2012 and is not available for renewal. 


As a print subscription product, our customers retain archival rights to the print versions of Chromatography Abstracts they have received. 

From now on, you can find chromatography content in:

  • Analytical Abstracts:  the RSC's largest online database, featuring over 1,000 updates a month from 100 source journals 
  • RSC Chromatography Monographs: a popular and wide-ranging book series designed to provide thorough and informative bench-top guides for the practising chromatographer  


Chromatography Abstracts was published on behalf of The Chromatographic Society and arranged in the following sections:

  • General and Miscellaneous Techniques  
  • Gas Chromatography 
  • Liquid Chromatography 
  • Electrophoresis 
  • Thin-layer Chromatography              

Each issue contained a subject index and an author index, with around 400 abstracts included in each monthly issue.

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