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Sickiling blood cells

Chip aids sickle cell study

06 July 2010

A microfluidic device that mimics physiological conditions in blood cells could aid the study of sickle cell anaemia

Medimate Multireader

Monitoring lithium in blood

16 June 2010

Handheld reader allows easy monitoring of blood lithium levels to aid psychiatric therapy

Floating minature motor

Floating miniature motor

25 May 2010

A rotating motor that sits on a droplet and spins when an electric field is applied could be used in optical devices


A commercially viable point-of-care chip

A prefilled, ready-to-use electrophoresis based Lab-on-a-Chip device for monitoring lithium in blood

College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering at Peking University

Peking University Centenary Celebrations

17 May 2010

To mark the 100th anniversary celebrations, the RSC has made all articles from Peking University free to access online.

Digital microfluidics

Automating cell culture using digital microfluidics

21 April 2010

The first lab-on-a-chip platform for complete mammalian cell culture has been developed by scientists in Canada

Cultivating stem cells

Stem cells find their polystyrene niche

29 March 2010

Norwegian scientists have developed a microfluidic device that can cultivate stem cells for a period of three weeks

Lab on a Chip Issue 17, 2008

Lab on a Chip and Chem Soc Rev virtual issue - Micro- & Nanofluidics

25 March 2010

Two RSC journals join forces to highlight how small things are making a very big impact


First Chemical Science article now published

18 March 2010

Read the inaugural article for the new RSC flagship journal free online

HepG2 liver cells on pure-chitosan fibres

Microfibres pure enough for the liver

15 March 2010

A research group in Korea have developed a method to engineer artificial liver tissue using microfluidics

Biological nanofactories

Nanofactories monitor bacteria communication

03 March 2010

A novel microdevice investigates how bacteria communicate and become resistant to drugs

Microwell and nose

Microwells for detecting smells

02 March 2010

A microfluidic-based platform that screens odorant responses in thousands of cells at once has been developed by US Scientists

Microfluidic and nanofluidic themed issue

Click chemistry

01 March 2010

Chem Soc Rev issue 3 reviews the latest advances in microfluidic and nanofluidic research, guest edited by Albert van den Berg, Harold Craighead and Peidong Yang


DNA sequencing on a chip

10 February 2010

Novel DNA sequencing technology could lead to high-speed and low cost genome sequencing

Nanofluidic technology for biomolecule applications

First Lab on a Chip Video Abstract: Nanofluidic technology for biomolecule applications - a critical review

09 February 2010

In this first Lab on a Chip video abstract Jan Eijkel describes nanofluidic phenomena particularly as they relate to biomolecule analysis within nanofluidic devices

wrapped chip

Chips & Tips: Reversible high contact bonding of microscope slide chips

09 February 2010

Long Jiang and coworkers describe a method for reversible high contact bonding of microscope slide chips

Sperm cells

Male fertility exam at home

04 February 2010

First step towards microfluidic system for complete quality analysis of semen

Brain slices

Studying synapses could help halt epilepsy

02 February 2010

Connections in the brain can be studied using a microfluidic platform developed by US scientist

Neuron network

Neuron array advances toxicity testing

25 January 2010

Scientists in Germany propose a reliable in vitro assay for neurotoxicology testing, which could offer an alternative to animal testing

Contactless-DEP technology

Cancer detection by electrical signature

20 January 2010

Separating live and dead leukaemia cells could provide an automated system for early cancer detection

Circular chip

Circular chips study nerve cells

19 January 2010

Investigating neurodegenerative diseases using a circular microfluidic platform

Caenorhabditis elegans

Lifetime on a chip

15 January 2010

Microfluidic device makes it simple to watch worms age

blood cells

Blood cell analysis on the highway

23 December 2009

Analysing one million cells per second could improve disease diagnosis and treatment

Andrew deMello

Interview: At home with microfluidics

16 December 2009

Andrew deMello discusses lab-on-a-chip devices, the changing face of medicine and spin-out companies

Theme Issue text

Emerging Investigators Call for Papers

14 December 2009

A call for papers for the special issue has been announced. The deadline for submissions is March 31st 2010.

Lab on a piece of paper

Lab on a piece of paper

03 December 2009

A cheap and disposable microfluidic device can test if water is safe to drink

Stephen Quake

Lab on a Chip awards prizes at µTAS 2010

01 January 2011

For 2010 prize winners please see here

Highlights in Chemical Science

Highlights in Chemical Science issue 12 now online

14 December 2010

A snapshot of the latest developments across the chemical sciences - now available as an e-magazine!

casting holder

Chips & Tips: A simple and economical holder for casting PDMS chips

20 November 2009

Gang Li and co-workers demonstrate a simple and economical holder for casting PDMS chips


Chips & Tips: Custom made production of cheap Luer lock adapters for chip-to-syringe interfacing

20 November 2009

Claudio Nastruzzi and colleagues demonstrate "custom made" production of cheap Luer lock adapters

Membrane in a microfludic chip

Making microfluidic membranes

18 November 2009

US scientists have made biocompatible membranes in microfluidic chips

Seeing inside droplets

Seeing inside droplets

13 November 2009

Single molecules trapped in tiny droplets can be detected and counted

Polymer chip

Palmtop PCR

12 November 2009

Scientists in Korea are using convection to power a palmtop device for genetic point of care diagnostics

Nicole Pamme

Interview: Human on a chip

11 November 2009

Nicole Pamme talks about magnetism, microfluidics and the research rollercoaster

An array of water-in-oil droplets

Instant insight: Reactions in droplets

09 November 2009

Microfluidic droplets could become the reaction vessels of choice for much of biological research say Yolanda Schaerli and Florian Hollfelder

omega shaped microvalve

Omega comes first for brain imaging

02 November 2009

Remote-controlled miniature valves designed by US scientists can deliver tracers into the brain.

External electrode on a microfluidic channel

Acidity regulation in microfluidic channels

30 October 2009

Controlling pH in microfluidics could allow the activity of single enzymes to be measured, say Dutch scientists.


Chips & Tips: A novel method for fabrication of reusable microfluidic interconnects

28 October 2009

V T Remcho and co-workers present a novel method for fabrication of reusable microfluidic interconnects


Chips & Tips: Plug-and-play reservoirs for microfluidics

28 October 2009

Christopher Y Wong and Georgian Ionut Ciobanu demonstrate plug-and-play reservoirs for microfluidics

Escherichia coli cells cultured on a chip with endothelial cells

Culture clash for good and bad bacteria

23 October 2009

Lab-on-a-chip that co-cultures cells from the human gut offers screening for probiotics


Attractive development for immunoassays

19 October 2009

A one-step, magnetically-activated biosensor for rapidly screening motorists for drug abuse

Close up of wells on a chip containing cells and a fluorescent reporter

Screening genes from clones - fast

01 October 2009

A high throughput genetic screening method could lead to personalised treatment for genetic diseases, claim Swedish scientists

microfluidic droplet connector

Tiny droplets help separate tiny samples

25 September 2009

UK scientists use microdroplets to solve a crucial problem in proteomics

Art Award Image

Meet Lab on a Chip

17 September 2009

Come and meet us at this year's µTAS and APCE & APLOC

A silicon wafer chip containing V-shaped mirrored trenches

Scrutinising cells with mirrors

08 September 2009

A reflective chip is being used to track biological processes in 3D inside living cells

Rings of light projected onto the optoeletronic tweezers

Cell sorting is no fixed matter

08 September 2009

Manipulating single cells in culture media without damage or interruption to cell functions

Laser ablation

An on-chip operation

02 September 2009

Speeding up worm microsurgery to improve understanding of animal behaviour

A kidney on a microfluidic device

Kidney on a chip

26 August 2009

Scientists in Korea are mimicking the conditions kidney cells experience in the body to grow the cells in a microfluidic device

Lab on a Chip Issue 17, 2008

Themed Issue: Fundamental Principles and Techniques in Microfluidics

18 August 2009

This themed issue introduces a series of tutorial and critical reviews in microfluidics from leading researchers in the field.

Andreas Manz

Pioneers of Miniaturisation Lecture 2012

The seventh Pioneers of Miniaturisation Lectureship will be awarded at µTAS 2012 Conference in Okinawa, Japan

fluorescent read-out

Microfluidics makes its mark

21 August 2009

A one-step microfluidic chip that can detect disease markers in a single drop of blood serum

remote syringe

Chips & Tips: A remote syringe for cells, beads and particle injection in microfluidic channels

20 August 2009

Jean-Christophe Baret explains how to build a remote syringe for cells, beads and particle injection in microfluidic channels

A blood drop on a thumb and a microfluidic device

Potential for bedside medical diagnostics

17 August 2009

Numerous applications offered by time- and money-saving gadget

Acoustic tweezers

Sound waves push particles

14 August 2009

Acoustic tweezers manipulate cells into patterns on a microchip

lab-on-a-chip sensor

Instant insight: Zooming in on sensors

14 August 2009

Seunghun Hong, at Seoul National University, Korea, and colleagues discuss ways to integrate nanowires and nanotubes on chips

salt tub

Chips & Tips: How to prevent sagging during the bonding or lamination of chips with large aspect ratio chambers

24 July 2009

Jie Xu and Daniel Attinger give tips for prevent sagging when fabricating large aspect ratio chambers

Bacterial motion within the microfluidic device

Bacteria swim for power

22 July 2009

Power of swimming cells harnessed by photopolymerisation

An axon growing out of a microfluidic channel

Déjà vu for axon regrowth

21 July 2009

Damaged brain cells retrace their steps when they repair themselves, say US scientists

A nanoparticle sticking to a cell in flow conditions

Nano-earthquake to shake up drug screening

16 July 2009

A thumbnail-sized chip is mimicking the turbulent conditions a drug experiences on its journey through the body

flow comparator

Chips & Tips: Quick assessment of the stability of flow generated by a syringe pump in a microfluidic device

16 July 2009

Rachel Green and Siva Vanapalli demonstrate a rig for assessing microfluidic flow stability

Click chemistry on a chip

Click chemistry on a chip

08 July 2009

Over 1000 click chemistry reactions performed at once on a microchip

A display indicating unsafe drinking water using pictures

Paper displays hidden messages

06 July 2009

A sheet of paper turns into a cheap electronic display for point-of-care diagnostics

completed device chamber

Chips & Tips: A method for rapid fabrication of microfluidic devices

30 June 2009

Rajan Kumar and colleagues explain how to rapidly fabricate microfluidic devices using double-sided tape and a T-shirt transfer press

Impact factor 6.5

Highest ever impact factor for Lab on a Chip

20 June 2008

New impact factor for Lab on a chip is 6.5

An individual vesicle

Printing artificial cells

19 June 2009

In a step towards cell mimics, an inkjet printer is being used to make lipid-coated balls containing proteins

Andreas Manz

Lab on a Chip Board member wins major prize

23 June 2009

Albert van den Berg wins prestigious Dutch NWO/Spinoza prize

Highlights in Chemical Technology

Issue 12 of Highlights in Chemical Technology now available

13 December 2010

A snapshot of the latest applications and technological aspects of chemical science research - now available as an e-magazine!

Highlights in Chemical Biology logo

Read the latest issue of Highlights in Chemical Biology

13 December 2010

The latest developments in chemical biology - Issue 12 now available as an e-magazine!

A culture of rare bacterium Paenibacillus curdlanolyticus

Culturing rare microbes

01 June 2009

Getting Escherichia coli to grow may be easy enough, but how do you encourage less common species in a microbe mixture?

ice crystals

Supercool microfluidics

29 May 2009

Improved understanding of life and technology at extreme temperatures thanks to a microfluidic device that studies ice formation

Surfactant-stabilised droplets

Cell sorting sorted

21 May 2009

Catching cells in droplets has enabled scientists to make a highly efficient microchip to separate cells

Droplet mist

Drug delivery's a blast

15 May 2009

Earthquake-like wave delivers medicine mist to lungs

wafers sandwiched between magnets

Chips & Tips: Simple and reversible bonding of glass to glass, quartz and sapphire wafers

14 May 2009

Javier Atencia and Laurie E. Locascio demonstrate a simple and reversible method for bonding of glass to glass, quartz and sapphire wafers

Andreas Manz

Lab on a Chip Board Chair wins two major awards

15 May 2009

George Whitesides wins Dreyfus Prize and Benjamin Franklin medal


Instant insight: Molecular shuttle power

12 May 2009

Smart dust biosensors may be smaller than a grain of sand but they have big potential, say Henry Hess and colleagues

Green thistle

IUPAC 2009 Programme Now Available

28 April 2009

Speakers and titles of lectures for the congress taking place 2-7 August 2009 in Glasgow, UK are now online. Early booking deadline - 5 June 2009.

Toxicity sensor in a transportable case

Biosensor in a briefcase tests toxicity

07 May 2009

Safer drinking water thanks to portable screening device

Blood being driven through the main channel of the micropump

Microfluidics pumps it up

22 April 2009

Chemists in Taiwan have developed a bubble-activated micropump that can transport blood on a microchip

moulded PDMS

Chips & Tips: An inexpensive and durable epoxy mold for PDMS

22 April 2009

André Estévez-Torres and coworkers explain how to make an inexpensive and durable epoxy mold for PDMS

Microfluidic radiosynthesis

Instant insight: Probing radioactive research

14 April 2009

Microfluidic reactors could revolutionise radiopharmaceutical synthesis, according to Siemens' Arkadij Elizarov

Abe Lee

Interview: Seeking the killer application

08 April 2009

Abe Lee talks about the fundamentals of micro- and nanofluidics, lab-on-a-chip devices and finding the microfluidics 'killer application'

Microfluidic device

Microfluidics doesn't shock cells

07 April 2009

Frozen cells are more likely to survive with the help of microfluidic technology

A cross-section of a head showing the brain

Lab-on-a-tube for brain monitoring

06 April 2009

A spiral sensor sandwich could help patients with traumatic brain injury

Abstract Design

New Lab on a Chip YouTube channel

06 April 2009

Hottest Lab on a Chip videos now on YouTube

microfluidic chip for electrochemical conversions

Chip mimics metabolism

01 April 2009

Drug metabolism studies can be conducted on smaller samples than before thanks to an on-chip electrochemical cell designed by European scientists

Laser beam blowing cells from one microwell to another

Lasers blow cells over microwalls

01 April 2009

Scientists have used the unusual curving properties of laser beams to hurl microparticles and cells over walls

bead-bound phage

Magnetic beads clean up phage display

24 March 2009

Microfluidic washing can improve drug candidate identification, according to US scientists

Light guiding

Lab on ice

24 March 2009

Experimental apparatus made from ice can be used as detecting systems for solvent extraction and chromatography, claim Japanese scientists

A mixture of red blood cells and bacteria separating within a microfluidic device

Finding a bacterium in a blood sample

16 March 2009

How do you separate bacteria from small biological samples? A lab-on-a-chip device that does just that offers hope for diagnostics

chip interface

Chips & Tips: Interfacing of microfluidic devices

27 February 2009

Suman Chakraborty and colleagues describe a method for interfacing microfluidic devices to reservoirs and pumps

Blood cleansing device

The medical power of attraction

25 February 2009

Magnetic microbeads that cleanse blood of toxic pathogens could save thousands of lives

Fluorescence image of particle

Picture perfect particles

20 February 2009

Complex 3D microparticles made using a new microfluidic method could be used in tissue engineering

CD4+ T-cell counting microchip

HIV diagnosis improved

06 February 2009

A cheaper and easier way to monitor HIV in patients could revolutionise global health care, according to scientists in the US

An optically trapped single droplet microtool being delivered to a cell

Plucking proteins from single cells

28 January 2009

£5 million EPSRC initiative delivers a microfluidic tool to mine membrane proteins from cells

Influenza virus

Spotting the flu virus

15 January 2009

US chemists can 'see' if patients have been infected with the flu virus

New Board Member text

New Editorial Board Members

09 January 2009

Lab on a Chip welcomes two new members to the Editorial Board


Microthrusters are go!

19 December 2008

Electricity boosts space travel on the microscale

Palladium nanoparticles in a titanium dioxide matrix

Microreactor's holey coat improves syntheses

04 December 2008

A thin catalytic coating on the walls of chemical reactors could make a wide range of industrial processes more efficient, say a team of European researchers


Instant insight: Digging deep with microtools

01 December 2008

Jaime Castillo, Maria Dimaki and Winnie E. Svendsen explain how micro and nano manipulation techniques are helping researchers understand biological systems

Green thistle

IUPAC 2009 - Call for Abstracts

21 November 2008

Your chance to take part in 42nd IUPAC Congress (2-7 August 2009, Glasgow, UK). Oral abstract deadline - 16 January 2009

fumed silica

Chips & Tips: Overcoming interfacing issues by adding fumed silica

21 November 2008

Alexander Iles describes the use of fumed silica for overcoming interfacing issues

moth implants

Spy moths controlled by chemicals

26 November 2008

US researchers control moth flight using microfluidic implants

The abacus groove in the microfluidic droplet counter

Counting the drops

21 November 2008

Korean scientists have created a microfluidic abacus that allows them to add droplets together

Lab on a Chip Issue 12, 2008

Lab on a Chip Themed Issue: Point-of-Care Diagnostics

19 November 2008

This special issue captures some of the leading directions and themes of today's research.

Rendered cells

First articles now online

18 November 2008

Read the first Advance Articles for Metallomics online for free


First articles now online

13 November 2008

Read the first Advance Articles for Integrative Biology