Usage reports registration

To ensure the security of your institution's usage data, access is administered by a username and password. Librarians or other authorised persons must first register with the RSC before their unique username and password can be issued.

To apply for your institution's username and password and to receive details of how to access your COUNTER-compliant RSC journals usage data, please complete this form.

Usage Statistics Registration Form

This form should only be completed by the librarian or an authorised member of staff at the institution or company site responsible for the administration of subscriptions to, or usage of, RSC journals and other RSC online services.

The form should be used to apply to the RSC for a username and password to access COUNTER 5-compliant RSC usage reports for your institution.

Please note that as we need to authenticate your details and check that your reports are accurate it may take up to six weeks from our receipt of this form before you receive notification that your first reports are available to you.

Please do not use this form:

  • if you wish to notify us of a change of personnel registered to receive notification of updates to your usage reports. Instead, send the changes to the E-Journals Customer Services contact below quoting the full address of your organisation.

  • if you are having problems accessing your usage reports. Instead, send details of the problem to E-journals Customer Services quoting your username and full address of your organisation.

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The RSC may include your details in its computerised mailing system to keep you informed of new products or services. If you have any objection to this and do not wish your name to be stored for these purposes then please check this box

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