Awards Archive

In 2008, the RSC implemented a new portfolio of awards. Part of the implementation involved renaming some of the awards and discontinuing others. Listed on this page are details of the awards that changed.


Adrien Albert Lectureship

The lecture dealt with the relationship between heterocyclic chemistry and biological activity

Analytical Separation Methods Award

Included all aspects of chromatography, solvent extraction and other phase separations but excluded masking reactions in single phase systems.


Bioanalytical Chemistry Award

Awarded for the development of new analytical methods using bioanalytical techniques.

Biomembrane Chemistry Award

This was concerned with new advances in the understanding of the structure and behaviour of lipid membranes or membrane proteins at the molecular level.


Chemical Analysis and Instrumentation Award

Included the identification and quantitative determination of chemical substances and the development, improvement or promotion of the use of instrumental techniques.

Chemical Biology Award

Awarded to a scientist working on the development and application of new chemical tools that advance our understanding of chemical biological processes.

Chemistry of Noble Metals and their Compounds Award

Awarded to a scientist working in the field of noble metals and their compounds, including advances in electroplating and refining technology.

Computational Chemistry Award

Awarded to recognise significant new methods in this area and/or calculations which improve our understanding of chemical processes.

Corrosion Science Award

Awarded for studies leading to new concepts in corrosion science and technology


Electrochemistry Award - the Geoffrey Barker Medal

This award covers all types of electrochemical studies.

Environmentally Friendly Polymers Award

Awarded for studies leading to new concepts or technologies in polymers whose applications lead to lower environmental impact.

Enzyme Chemistry Award - The Charmian Medal

Awarded for the most meritorious studies on the structure or mode of action of enzyme systems.


Flavours and Fragrances Award

Awarded for studies leading to new flavours or fragrances, novel technologies or analytical methods for the analysis or manufacture of existing products.

Flintoff Medal

Awarded every three years to the member of the RSC who has made the most meritorious contributions to the knowledge of the relationship between chemistry and botany

Food Chemistry Award

Awarded for studies, including analytical, that provide new insights into the science of food chemistry.

Fuel Cell Science and Technology Award - Francis Bacon Medal

Awarded for the development of novel chemical science and technology leading to practical fuel cell design and operation.


Geochemistry Award

Covering studies of the chemical composition of the earth


Harrison Memorial Prize

Awarded to a British theoretical or physical chemist who is under 32 years of age

Haworth Memorial Lectureship

This is an interest group award administered by the Carbohydrate Group.

Heterocyclic Chemistry Award

This award covers the synthesis, structure determination and reasons of all types of heterocyclic compounds.

Heterogeneous Catalysis Award

Awarded for the development of novel chemical science and technology leading to practical fuel cell design and operation.

High Throughput Drug Discovery Methodologies Award

Awarded for ground-breaking innovations that have enabled a significant acceleration of the drug discovery process.


Industrial Lectureship

Recognised major contributions to, and innovations in, chemical and chemical-based industry

Inorganic Biochemistry Award

Covers any aspect of inorganic biochemistry.

Sir Christopher Ingold Lectureship

The lecture dealt with the relationship between structure and re-activity in chemistry


Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Award

Awarded for studies leading to improved methods in magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

Mass Spectrometry Award

Awarded for studies leading to improved techniques for the identification and analysis by mass spectrometry.

Materials Chemistry Award

Covering contributions to the study of the chemistry of materials.

Medicinal Chemistry Award

Includes the structure, synthesis and mode of action of materials used in medicine and veterinary science.

Meldola Medal and Prize

Awarded to a British Chemist who is under 32 years of age for promising original investigations in chemistry

Merck Lectureship

For contributions to any area of organic chemistry from a researcher under the age of 55

Hugo Müller Lectureship

Dealt with the relation between chemistry and either botany or mineralogy


Nanotechnology Award

Awarded for advances in the science and engineering of molecular-sized machines

Nucleic Acids Award

Including all chemistry on the nucleic acids and their components, catalysis, novel chemistry and chemical reactions applied to nucleic acids.


Optical Spectroscopy Award

Awarded for studies leading to improved methods for the identification and monitoring of chemical species by optical spectroscopy.

Organic Reaction Mechanisms Award

Covering the studies of the mechanisms of organic reactions.

Industrially Sponsored Organometallic Chemistry Award

Including any aspect of the organic chemistry of the main group and transition elements.


Peptides and Proteins Award

Covering advances in the chemical synthesis of peptides, new understanding of protein structure and function, or for new insights into protein-protein interactions and protein fold...

Photochemistry Award

Awarded for studies of the interaction of light with chemical systems.


Reaction Kinetics and Mechanisms Award

Relating to the principles governing reaction rates and mechanisms.


SAC Silver Medal

Awarded to an early career scientist working in any field covering the practice and teaching of the analytical sciences (discontinued in 2008)

SAC Gold Medal

Awarded biennially to someone who had made outstanding contributions to analytical science, principally through research, but also noting education, consultancy and service to the ...

Sensors Award

Awarded for chemical input into the design of novel sensors or novel applications of existing sensors.

Simonsen Lectureship

The lecture should deal with the chemistry of natural products

Skinner Prize for the Best Poster Presentation

For students attending a Faraday Discussion meeting.

Solid State Chemistry Award

The award covered the area of the chemistry, physics and materials science of solids with particular reference to reactivity of solids.

Statistical Mechanics and Simulation Award

Awarded for studies leading to new understanding in chemical sciences based on statistical mechanics and simulation.

Stereochemistry Award

The award was given for studies of stereochemistry related to structure, reactivity or synthesis.

Structural Chemistry Award

Covering studies involving novelty of approach or leading to fundamental theoretical advances in the development of general structural principles.

Surface and Colloid Chemistry Award

This award embraced interfacial studies in general.


Tertiary Education Award

For teachers in higher and advanced further education.


Laurie Vergnano Award

This was available to inorganic research chemists under 27 years of age