Barrer Award

The Barrer Award recognises meritorious recent pure or applied work in the field of porous inorganic materials.

2017 Winner

Dr David Fairen Jiminez

Barrer Award 2017 Winner

Dr David Fairen Jimenez, University of Cambridge

General information

  • Run triennially - Closed for 2021 nominations
  • The winner receives 500 and a certificate
  • The judging will be performed by representatives from RSC Materials Chemistry Division, British Zeolite Association and Society of Chemical Industry.                  

Guidelines for Nominators

  • Nominations open on 01 October
  • Nominations close on 15 January 
  • Both RSC members and non-members can nominate for this award 
  • Nominees may NOT nominate themselves
  • Nominees should be an early career scientist, typically with no more than 10 years of full-time equivalent professional experience
  • This should be experience gained as part of a scientific career excluding time spent in full-time education. Time spent as a postgraduate student should not be included e.g. Masters, PhD. Time spent as a post-doctoral researcher should be included 
  • Nominators will be asked to provide details of the nominee's professional experience, in relation to the above criteria
  • Career breaks will be recognised, and applications are particularly encouraged from those whose career has spanned a break due to caring responsibilities or personal circumstances e.g. a period of parental/adoption leave, family commitments, illness, or other exceptional circumstances
  • Nominees must have carried out their pure or applied work in the field of porous inorganic materials in an institution in the UK or the Republic of Ireland 
  • When nominating previous RSC prize or award winners, please remember that a person cannot be awarded twice for substantially the same body of work  

To make a nomination please use our online awards nominations system to submit the following:

  • Your name, contact details, and membership number (please contact the RSC Membership team if you do not know your membership details)
  • The nominee's name and contact details 
  • An up to date CV for the nominee (no longer than one A4 side, 11pt text) which should include a summary of their education and career, a list of 5 relevant publications, total numbers of publications and patents (if appropriate) and website URL if relevant
  • A supporting statement (up to 4500 characters, not including spaces) addressing the selection criteria 
  • A short citation describing what the nominee should be awarded for. This must be no longer than 250 characters (not including spaces) and ideally no longer than one sentence
  • References are not required for this award and will not be accepted  

The RSC reserves the right to rescind any Prize or Award if there is reasonable grounds to do so. All nominators will be asked to confirm that, to the best of their knowledge, there is no confirmed or potential impediment to their nominee receiving this prize/award related to their professional standing. Our Professional Practice and Code of Conduct can be referred to as a guide on expected standards.

Downloadable Files

PDF files require Link icon Adobe Acrobat Reader

Selection Criteria for RSC Awards

Our selection committees base their evaluations primarily on the overall quality of relevant contributions made by nominees and not simply on quantitative measures.

The selection committee(s) will consider the following aspects of all nominations for scientific research Awards as appropriate:

  • Originality of research
  • Impact of research
  • Quality of publications and/or patents and/or software
  • Innovation
  • Professional standing
  • Collaborations and teamwork
  • Other indicators of esteem indicated by the nominee/nominator    

Materials Chemistry Division Awards Committee

  • Milo Shaffer, Imperial College London (Chair) 
  • Ian Hamley, University of Reading
  • Derek Sinclair, University of Sheffield
  • Peter Skabara, University of Glasgow
  • Charlotte Williams, University of Oxford
  • Emma Kendrick, University of Birmingham            

Previous Winners

Barrer Award Previous Winners

1983 - present

History of the Award

First awarded in 1983, the Barrer Prize pays tribute to the memory of Richard Maling Barrer (1910-1996), the founding father of zeolite chemistry. The award, created after the 1979 Zeolites conference, is administered by the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Society for Chemical Industry and the British Zeolite Association.

Born in Wellington, New Zealand, Barrer studied at Canterbury University before obtaining an 1851 Exhibition Scholarship in 1932 to study at the University of Cambridge for his PhD. There he joined the Colloid laboratory, where he remained until 1948, when he moved to establish a research school at Aberdeen. In 1954 he moved again to Imperial where he remained for the rest of his career.

Barrer is credited with establishing the field of zeolite research and its applications in industry. He developed a synthesis programme with the Union Carbide Corporation, and 1957 saw the building of the first manufacturing plant using zeolite catalysts. In addition to his extensive work on zeolites, Barrer published dozens of papers in very different fields, including polymer membranes and molecular transport in microporous media. 

Honorary degrees from Bradford and Aberdeen, and a special issue of the Journal of Membrane Science in 1983 dedicated to Barrer recognised his contributions to chemistry. His learned society affiliations included membership of the Councils of both the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Society of Chemical Industry, and Honorary President of the International Zeolite Association.

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