Centenary Prize 2015 Winner

Professor Geoffrey Ozin
Professor Geoffrey Ozin
University of Toronto


Awarded for his work in defining, enabling and popularising a chemical approach to nanomaterials for innovative nanotechnology in advanced materials and biomedical science





About the Winner

Geoffrey A Ozin was born in London, England in 1943. His University education comprised: BSc, Honours Chemistry, 1965, University of London; DPhil, Inorganic Chemistry, 1967, University of Oxford; ICI Research Fellow, 1967-69, University of Southampton. Currently he is Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Materials Chemistry and Distinguished University Professor at the University of Toronto.

He has held invited positions including: Global Chair, Bath University, Bath, UK, 2014-2015; Distinguished Professor, KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2005-2009; Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, MPI Colloid Science, Golm, Germany, 2005-2007; Professor, London Center for Nanotechnology, London, UK, 2004-2008; Professor, Royal Institution, London, UK, 2001-2008; Professor University College London, UK, 2001-2008; 3M Research-Fellow, St Paul Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 1982-85; Sherman Fairchild Fellow, Caltech, Pasadena, California, USA 1977-78. 

His honours and awards include: 

World Cultural Council Albert Einstein World Award of Science for Nanochemistry, 2011; Royal Society of Chemistry Barrer Award in Nanoporous Inorganic Materials, 2011; Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, 2011; Inventor of the Year, Physical and Engineering Sciences, University of Toronto, 2011; Premier of Ontario Discovery Prize in Natural Sciences and Engineering, 2010; Society of Chemical Industry Le Sueur Award, 2008; Alexander von Humboldt Award, 2005-2007; Natural Sciences and Engineering Inaugural Brockhouse Interdisciplinary Prize, 2004; Royal Society of Chemistry Award in Materials Chemistry, 2002; Chemical Society of Canada E.W.R. Steacie Award in Chemistry, 2002; Chemical Institute of Canada Medal, 2001; Chemical Society of Canada Award, Pure or Applied Inorganic Chemistry, 1999; Isaac Walton Killam Memorial Fellowship, Canada Council, 1995-97; Royal Society of Chemistry, Rutherford Memorial Medal in Chemistry, 1982; Canadian Institute of Chemistry Alcan Award, Inorganic Chemistry, 1981; Coblentz Memorial Prize, Molecular Spectroscopy, American Spectroscopy Society, 1976; Meldola Medal Physical-Inorganic Chemistry, Royal Institute of Chemistry, 1972.

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