Chemical Dynamics Award 2014 Winner

Professor Andrew Orr-Ewing
Professor Andrew Orr-Ewing
University of Bristol

For seminal contributions to the study of chemical reaction dynamics in the gas and liquid phases.

About the Winner

Andrew Orr-Ewing is Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Bristol.  His research interests include chemical reaction dynamics, atmospheric photochemistry, and analytical applications of cavity enhanced spectroscopy techniques.  His studies of the fundamental mechanisms of chemical reactions use velocity map imaging to observe scattering dynamics in the gas phase, and ultrafast time-resolved absorption spectroscopy to follow reactions in liquids.  

Current studies of radical reactions in solution explore solvent-induced modifications to the chemical dynamics, and the flow of energy released by exothermic reactions on picosecond timescales.  Further mechanistic insights derive from computational simulations of the gas and liquid phase reaction dynamics, carried out in collaboration with Bristol colleagues Prof Jeremy N. Harvey and Dr David R. Glowacki.

Prof Orr-Ewing received his M.A. (Hons) degree in Chemistry (1988) and his D.Phil. (1991) from the University of Oxford.  His doctoral studies in reaction dynamics were carried out under the supervision of Prof Gus Hancock.  Following two years of postdoctoral research with Prof Richard N. Zare at Stanford University, Andrew joined the University of Bristol in 1994 as the Royal Society Eliz. Challenor Research Fellow.  He has remained in Bristol since then, and was promoted to a personal chair in 2004.  

Andrew is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and previous recipient of the Royal Society of Chemistry Harrison Memorial Prize (1994), Faraday Division Marlow Medal and Prize (1999), Award in Optical Spectroscopy (2002), and Tilden Prize (2009).  From 2005-6 he was a Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellow, and from 2006-11 held a Royal Society - Wolfson Research Merit Award.

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